• 9 Chapters

    Gem Edge: Building a powerful team

    Smart manager’s guide to creating superstar employees:
          1. Find an incredible team and the knowledge to create a productive work environment
          2. Build diversity in your team
          3. Make employees feel valued
          4. Create a great workplace culture
          5. Give Employees A Sense of Purpose
  • 7 Chapters

    Gem Edge: Inside the Leader mind

    A leader's mind thinks big and open, it's a personality of ideal characteristics
    1. Clarify where and how you need to change your mindset
    2. Develop a business head  Mindset
    3. Make speedy and informed decisions, so that you can optimize your time
    4. Delegate efficiently
    5. Innovate and overtake the competition
  • 11 Chapters

    Gem Edge: Managing Remote work

    Working Remotely has more challenges compared to working physically in an office, yet it can be very productive if managed efficiently.
    Covid taught us to take the new route of Work from home. Work from home, that is working remotely creates a lot of space in work interaction.
    This course guides you with the vital aspects of remote work and how important communication is to ensure the completion of respective jobs.
    This is a much-needed course in view of current conditions.