The Career Compass

Career Compass is a personality development guidance course. This course covers the most essential qualities,  habits and best practices to be followed for all-around success. Over 90% of working professionals with over 15 years of experience know less than 20% of the content in the course. If you want to supercharge your career and don't want to commit costly mistakes later, you must take this course. You will be amazed to see how many things you can learn in just 90 minutes.

Sura · August 26, 2020

Personality development in this digital age and corona era

Welcome to the Career Compass e-learning edition. Congratulations on your choice! I appreciate your decision to use the SkillCulture platform to pursue this.   In this course, we will cover the following  

  1. We will start our journey with 12 qualities of successful leaders
  2. We will then take a deep dive to explore 4 key quotients we need for a successful and fulfilling career
  3. We will then look at 10 product management principles you need to adopt at your workplace
  4. We will then discuss 20 timeless workplace rules.
  5. Finally, we will look at various corporate protocols, career advancement tips, and traps.

  You can also access all assessments and other learning materials from our website. See the link below.   So, All set? Let’s begin.      

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