Everyday Effectiveness

This is the age of robots and the era of Corona.
Are you still, fighting the new war with old tools?

Chapter 1



Growth Content

It gives you a broad overview of the current industry scenario and prepares you to cultivate a few essential qualities.

Chapter 3

Self Awareness

It helps you in exploring your inner self. You will understand various critical differentiating factors. You will also identify several good, bad, and the undesirable qualities that you may harbor.

Chapter 4

Managing External environment

It is all about the external environment. You will pick up or polish important skills like communication, presentation, persuasion, conflict resolution, and motivation.


Digital Quotient

It takes you through the digital world and gives you a glimpse of what is likely to happen during COVID and after. You will explore three critical dimensions of digital proficiency. You will get a bird’s eye view of the current cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Chapter 6

Number sense

It presents you with one of the vital senses that leaders will need in this VUCA world. In this chapter, you will learn what the data in your devices try to tell you and how you can amplify voices and listen to them clearly. Your ability to interpret data will give you a competitive edge and make you almost infallible.

Chapter 7

The Summit

Summit is a review of the topics covered, and lessons learned. You will also understand how to set long-term meaningful goals and pursue them.
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Meet Suram

SuRaM, Subba RaMukkavilli is an author and serial entrepreneur. 

He is the founder of ProwessCA.com, an e-Learning organization. 

During the last 30 years of his career, Suram has set up various business lines, worked with various corporate giants and governments, and implemented several complex enterprise IT platforms. Suram has authored three books. His first book, “SlideSpin” has received Global eBook Award, California, the USA in Silver Category during 2015. 

Before setting up Prowessca, he worked as Executive Director at Karvy Insurance Repository and as a CTO at KFin Technologies.

Everyday Effectiveness

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