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Overhauling Needs

Padmavathi October 21, 2020

Overhauling grammatically means open apart (some machinery) to identify any problems and repair. So, why am I referring to overhauling here when we are discussing about Career Path. It is very relevant. Let’s discuss further to get a quick understanding.

An Individual, post completion of education is in baby stage in terms of career and is confused about the steps to be taken. So, a complete evaluation of oneself is required to step into the world of attributes.

A regular observation that I have made is that, an individual:

First Scenario:

  • after completing education is full of confidence and dreams of a great future which is great.
  • thinks that his/her education would fetch the job with lumpsum salary package which is again great.
  • getting a job in first attempt, possibly leading to over confidence
  • has some information of companies and jobs from family or friends so taking their references

Second Scenario:

  • fearing to get into the big world from the fun and enjoyable life
  • not sure about the best suitable job as per the education completed and lack of skills
  • attempting to attend interviews but not knowing how to proceed

Now, friends!! Neither of the scenarios is wrong or unpredictable. This is truth. But the ultimate truth is, we need to develop a balanced state of mind. And, how do we do that?

Let’s not delay and hop on to topics that can help you to steer your career path.