Chapter 1, Unit 1
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Qualifying Qualities

Padmavathi October 21, 2020
  1. Right Attitude – Look at the positive side of any situation and in a balanced manner. Do not let any kind of failure or criticism impact you. Any kind of emotional breakdown will only lead to worsening of situations. “Think before you Leap” is very apt. If there is anything to learn, learn it. Nothing wrong in learning good things.
  2. Optimistic – Do not lose hope, look at any situation in a hopeful and confident manner. Do not just judge a situation or opportunity with one failure or attempt. Learn from it and go ahead.
  3. Realistic – Your plans, activities and outcome of the new journey at every step should be practically applicable, be it, goals (job roles, promotions, recognition etc.), financial expectations etc.
  4. Self-esteem – Be confident in whatever you want to do, if you don’t know, learn it. Value your capabilities. Over confidence or fear of expression will not do any good.
  5. Overcoming Fear – It’s a new world, new way of dealing things but at the end, we are all humans. Why fear? Speak out clearly and confidently. If you are wrong, your boss might give you a little titbit, take it, learn from it. Fear is all in the mind. At the end, we are all humans and have to deal with each other. You need to build your confidence along with positive attitude.
  6. Time Management – Maintaining time always keeps one’s life in order. So, it is always important to manage time whether you attend an interview or fix an appointment or complete a task etc. And, you need to manage some time for yourself as well. Prioritizing tasks is a very important part of time management.
  7. Zeal to Achieve – Always have some goal, of course, reasonable. Then, have the zeal to achieve it without losing confidence. Having a goal keeps us moving ahead. Once you begin a task, see that you achieve something out of it.
  8. Competitive Spirit – Any field has competition, whether it is education or work or sports or fun games also. It is very much a part of our life, so we need to have the spirit of facing such competitions in a positive manner. Appreciation, criticism, sarcasm, hatred, affection – all these would be present at workplace. We should never overreact or get overconfident or aggressive but maintain a competitive spirit.
  9. Work life balance – Various situations demand time and effort in an excessive manner at times. This is where we must organize ourselves to balance work and life without impacting either of them.
  10. Living and Loving oneself – I am sure you might not have come across this point. One should like oneself. Improve yourself always as a human being, professional, neighbor, relation etc., and appreciate yourself was making those extra efforts and pat yourself for doing best. Somebody must be best but you are nothing less, you are definitely good the way you are.